The all-weather reining arena

A typical reining surface featuring a firm clay layer with loose sand on top works great indoors. Outdoors, however, a clay reining surface presents a number of difficulties. The firm sliding layer made of clay does not allow precipitation to pass through and softens instead. When this happens, stops or turns are out of the question. Furthermore, the clay needs to be highly compacted and hardened so that the reiners are able to slide over it without getting stuck.

A TTE® reining surface is water-permeable, elastic and hence gentle on the joints. Furthermore, the reining surface does not require an elaborate substructure. A TTE® reining arena provides a consistent training area – even without a roof – which is economically and ecologically sound.

TTE® MultidrainPLUS
The robust paddock grid

The TTE® paddock panels are connected horizontally and vertically with the aid of solid pins. It is not possible to break off individual paddock plates. In addition, the 2:1 format and a total weight of 27 kg/m², in combination with the intelligent bond, create an extremely load-bearing snowshoe effect. 
This enables load distribution over a wide area, allowing paddocks, riding arenas and exercise areas to be built easily and made level without a substructure.
Horizontale Verzahnung der TTE® Platten für einen starken Verbund
Vertikale Verzahnung der TTE® Platten für einen starken Verbund
Flächige Lastverteilung des TTE® Systems durch Schneeschuheffekt
Top and bottom view of TTE®
Top and bottom view of TTE®

80 x 40 x 6 cm


27 kg per square metre
8.7 kg per plate

inner: 15 mm
outer: 20 mm

Fin width
TTE® - for a balance between man and nature.

TTE® protects resources, climate and soil. And is therefore the animal-friendly alternative that is not only economically but also ecologically convincing.

In hormony with nature -
Reining arena construction without substructure

Conventional reining arena construction relies on a gravel base layer of up to 60 cm in height for a load-bearing structure in order to be able to permanently absorb the point loads of the horses' hooves. 

The TTE® construction principle is different: The horizontal load distribution of the solid TTE® grids works according to the principle of a snowshoe: point loads are distributed areally through the composite of the panels, which significantly reduces the demands on the substructure.
Left: On-top construction with TTE®, right: conventional construction method
Left: On-top construction with TTE®, right: conventional construction method
The advantages of the on-top construction
  • No bathtub effect - lateral drainage even in the event of heavy rainfall
  • Lower costs due to material savings, shorter construction time and elimination of disposal costs
  • Self-construction possible
  • Preservation of natural soil life
  • Construction possible in almost all soil conditions
  • Simpler approval, as there is hardly any input of foreign material
The new broschure on equestrian sports and horse husbandry by HÜBNER-LEE
You can find even more information about reining arena construction with the TTE® system without substructure in our new, free brochure.


Danger-free sliding stops and turns
in any weather

The TTE® REININGGROUNDOUTDOOR construction method combines a high-performance, joint-friendly reining ground with a unique elastic wood layer with a natural construction method without substructure.


The TTE® REININGGROUNDOUTDOOR construction principle relies on a resilient elastic wood layer and does not require a substructure.

Sliding layer

  • Replaces the classic clay layer and prevents any contact with the TTE® grids
  • Safe stops due to permanently even surface
  • Powerful, vertical surface drainage
  • + Lateral drainage due to on-top construction
  • Controlled breaking of the sliding layer for optimal drainage
  • Re-moistening of the tread layer due to the water storage capacity of the elastic wood layer
  • Saving on watering costs
  • Protection of the horses‘ respiratory tract and lungs
Areal load distribution
  • Load distribution over a wide area due to horizontal and vertical link
  • Elimination of the substructure
  • Reduction of effort and costs
  • No soil compaction
  • Durable evenness due to robust interlocking joints
  • No setting up of individual panels possible
Joint protection
  • Optimal shock absorption and energy recovery due to resilient elastic wood layer
Frost protection
  • Heat generation by macro- and microorganisms in wood and topsoil
  • Insulating effect of the wood chips
  • Faster thawing of ice and snow
Preservation of soil life
  • No excavation of the living soil zone
  • Preservation of important functions such as soil loosening
Ideal for leased land and nature reserve areas
  • Simpler approval, as hardly any foreign material is introduced
  • Residue-free dismantling possible
No worries about the wood!

The wood chips of the elastic wood layer rot over the years - but at a much slower rate due to the stored moisture and the exclusion of oxygen. The raw fibre remains intact and continues to guarantee the high evenness, shock absorption and water permeability. The elastic wood layer does not need to be replaced.

Over 20 years of satisfied customers confirm this natural construction method.

The advantages of the REINIGGROUNDOUTDOOR construction principle

The quality savings package

  • Extraordinary riding comfort
  • Without substructure: cost and material savings
  • Simple & rapid installation (DIY possible)
  • Valuable and qualitative fastening

Reining that is gentle on the joints

  • High evenness for safe manoeuvres
  • Protection of the joints through shock absorption (natural suspension)
  • Relieves strain on horses’ tendons and ligaments

Landscape protection concept

  • Easy to receive approval
  • Original surface is carefully built over and preserved
  • Does not disturb the living soil zone
  • Groundwater protection


Reiningplatz Dingolfing
Reiningplatz Dingolfing

Reining arena Dingolfing

Specialty: TTE® REININGGROUNDOUTDOOR with elastic wood layer
Project size: 3,370 m2
Year of construction: 2016
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