TTE® Zoo Enclosures
– For species-appropriate and easy-to-clean animal enclosures

TTE® with sand
TTE® SoftPave
TTE® filled with 50% paving stones and 50% wood chips
In order to provide zoo animals with a habitat that is as natural as possible, large ground surfaces sometimes need to be reinforced. Because the dimensions can never correspond to the natural habitat due to the limited space in a zoo, there is a very high intensity of use. This results in compacted surfaces that become muddy when it rains.

The resulting unhygienic conditions are not only unpleasant for the animals and their caregivers. Visitors are also bothered by the unsightly and unpleasant-smelling enclosures.

The TTE® system makes it possible to create reinforced enclosure surfaces that are near-natural and dry. Thanks to the load-distributing interlocking teeth connecting the plate elements, the surfaces are protected against compaction from animals and their hooves. A classic base course is not required, which not only reduces the labour costs, but also facilitates the obtaining of approval.

The intact underlying topsoil zone breaks down pollutants such as nitrates, thereby also reducing the development of odours. If the covering layer is made of organic materials, the TTE® system performs its function invisibly. The paddock plates greatly simplify and accelerate the removal of manure and residual feed.

HOW does TTE® work?

Build WITHOUT A SUBSTRUCTURE thanks to intelligent load distribution.

TTE® grid plates are linked horizontally and vertically with the aid of solid pins. It is NOT possible to break off individual elements. In addition, the 2:1 format and total weight of 27 kg/m² in combination with the intelligent connection system create a “snowshoe effect” with a high load capacity. This enables load distribution over a wide area, allowing enclosure surfaces to be reinforced easily and made level without a substructure.
Securely joined horizontal and vertical interlocking teeth
Securely joined horizontal and vertical interlocking teeth
Large-area load distribution of the TTE® system according to the principle of a snowshoe
Top and bottom view of TTE®
Top and bottom view of TTE®

80 x 40 x 6 cm


27 kg per square metre
8,7 kg per plate

Inner: 15 mm
Outer: 20 mm

Fin width
The TTE® concept
for a green future!

A world with green cities, clean air, lots of permeable surfaces, without floods and with good soil and groundwater quality. The quality of life for man and animals is satisfying. A wonderful vision for us all.

TTE® Zoo Enclosures

Thanks to the high self-supporting capacity and 4-sided connection principle of the TTE® elements, point loads from animal feet are distributed over a wide area. Hence, TTE® replaces the base course. The ground covering in the enclosure is neither soil-sealed nor compacted. Rainwater can thus constantly percolate, and no muddy areas are formed.
Cost-intensive material and labour costs are eliminated (no soil excavation, no procurement and installation of base course materials required).
TTE® is laid quickly and cost-effectively - often without a substructure
1. Remove turf – create a level surface
Evenness of horse walker surface – topsoil, NO substructure – improves seepage characteristics
2. Apply and level an approx. 5 cm fine gravel layer
Drainage layer – creates even surface – separates the wood chip layer from soil life
3. Lay fine mesh
Laying aid – faster sliding of plates – no wedged-in material
4. Lay TTE® plates
5. Chamber filling of choice
TTE® Paving Stone GRIP – TTE® softPAVE – sand – wood chips – sand/wood mixture
6. Where required, an approx. 5 cm thick surface course made of wood chips, sand, or both
Comfortable to lie on – to roll on – slip-proof

Zoo enclosure surface reinforcement with TTE®

Giraffe in zoo enclosure
  • High cost savings > no substructure
  • Protects groundwater & soil
  • Efficient installation with less effort
  • 15 to 20 m² per hour per person
  • Maximum design flexibility
  • TTE® Paving Stone GRIP, TTE® softPAVE, wood chips, or sand
  • Durable and solid material made of recycled plastic
  • Constantly adaptable surface configuration

The well-maintained appearance of the enclosures and comfortable shock absorption of the surfaces provide pleasant areas for the animals and a unique experience for visitors to the zoo.

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