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TTE® System
The ecological multi-talent for equestrian sports and animal husbandry

The TTE® system makes it easy for you to build your equestrian areas.

Due to the different fillings and construction principles you can use TTE® MultidrainPLUS to pave all areas of your equestrian facility - completely without a substructure.

No matter whether it's a paddock, jumping or dressage arena, lying area or yard and parking areas: Thanks to the different filling variants, you can easily meet all your needs and the needs of your horses.
TTE® - the multi-talent of surface paving for your equestrian facility
TTE® - the multi-talent of surface paving for your equestrian facility
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TTE® MultidrainPLUS
The robust paddock grid

The TTE® paddock panels are connected horizontally and vertically with the aid of solid pins. It is not possible to break off individual paddock plates. In addition, the 2:1 format and a total weight of 27 kg/m², in combination with the intelligent bond, create an extremely load-bearing snowshoe effect. 
This enables load distribution over a wide area, allowing paddocks, riding arenas and exercise areas to be built easily and made level without a substructure.
Horizontale Verzahnung der TTE® Platten für einen starken Verbund
Vertikale Verzahnung der TTE® Platten für einen starken Verbund
Flächige Lastverteilung des TTE® Systems durch Schneeschuheffekt
Top and bottom view of TTE®
Top and bottom view of TTE®

80 x 40 x 6 cm


27 kg per square metre
8.7 kg per plate

inner: 15 mm
outer: 20 mm

Fin width

100% recycled from recycling bag
Living the circular economy

Each year, around 10 million recycling bags from our households are currently recycled and reused to make TTE® plates. By doing so, we reduce carbon emissions by more than 35,000 metric tons of CO2 per year. At the end of the life cycle of the durable TTE® grids, the old TTE® elements can be re-introduced into the production process and new TTE® plates created from them.

Materialkreislauf vom Kunststoffmüll zur TTE® Platte
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TTE® MultidrainPLUS has been produced completely carbon neutral since September 2021.

To compensate for the emission of CO2 equivalents (CO2e), we support certified climate protection projects in India and Brazil with our partner First Climate. 

We know that we cannot create a sustainable future with offsetting alone. That is why our holistic climate protection strategy includes the following points:
  1. Using climate-friendly recycled material in the production of our products.
  2. Reducing our CO2e emissions through continuous process optimisation in production, switching to our own solar power and green power suppliers and converting the company fleet to electric cars.
  3. Compensation of the remaining emissions.
Since September 2021, the TTE® system has had an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The EPD was verified by the independent Institute for Building and the Environment (IBU) and maps all environmentally relevant emissions of the product cycle. In this way, a holistic CO2 balance can be shown for buildings.

The results of the life cycle assessment show that CO2 emissions in the product cycle are many times lower than with conventional concrete paving elements.
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The new broschure on equestrian sports and horse husbandry by HÜBNER-LEE
You can find even more information about the sustainable TTE® construction method without substructure in our new, free brochure.


TTE® MultidrainPLUS -
Areas of application

Dressage and jumping arenas
Dressage and jumping arenas
Reining arena
Reining arena
Horse walker
Horse walker
Lunge pen
Lunge pen
Parking spaces
Parking spaces
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