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For HÜBNER-LEE, economic success naturally also equates to social responsibility, which is reflected in a wide range of charitable commitments.

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Involvement and sponsorships

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Continuous aid for people in need HÜBNER-LEE supports Aktion Deutschland hilft

Continuous aid for people in need HÜBNER-LEE supports Aktion Deutschland hilft Droughts, floods, tsunamis and wars – Countless crises in numerous hot spots around the world currently require our attention. In an era marked by conflict, it is extremely important to us to be able to count on regular aid from committed companies. One company whose support we can rely on is the family business HÜBNER-LEE GmbH & Co. KG from the Allgäu region. A provider of ecological solutions, e.g. for greened and paved outdoor areas, it greatly emphasises sustainability, and not only in its products. Since the summer of 2018, the company has regularly supported our global emergency aid efforts with a monthly donation of 1,000 euros. With the help of this reliable donation, we can jointly provide aid to people affected by severe disasters. We thank you very much for this exemplary commitment!
(Excerpt from March 2019 issue of magazine)

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HÜBNER-LEE is happy to provide schooling for 21 sponsored children in 9 countries.
You too can become a sponsor: Through your sponsorship with Plan, you will give the gift of hope. Growing up as a child in a developing country often means facing a life marked by poverty and exploitation. Often, they lack even the most basic necessities such as sufficient food, hygiene and basic healthcare. In addition, many children in poor and rural areas have little access to education. But education is the key to getting out of poverty.

You can help! By sponsoring a child, you give him or her the opportunity of a self-determined childhood and a better future. You contribute to the fact that children can be better cared for and protected and have the opportunity to go to school. Sponsoring a child is the most personal way to help. With no other form of donation do you experience so specifically how and where your help has an effect. Because your assistance is given a face.

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HÜBNER-LEE donates to Unicef

Sometimes, it all happens at once – war, drought, floods, a plague of locusts and the coronavirus pandemic: Children in countries like Mali, Niger and Somalia had it all happen to them in 2020. As a result, their families are slipping into poverty. These children are suffering from hunger.

How can we help? With every donation, UNICEF provides the girls and boys with nutritious special food. You too can help save the lives of children with your donation. Every contribution counts.

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Logo Kartei der Not
HÜBNER-LEE supports “Kartei der Not”

The heart of “Kartei der Not” beats for people in the region who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves in a difficult situation in life and need help.

To date, the foundation has been able to help those in need in Bavarian Swabia and neighboring Upper Bavaria with over 40 million euros. Every donation goes directly to persons in need. Without any deductions. This is because all personnel and administrative costs are borne by the Pressedruck Media Group. Ellinor Holland saw it as her and her media company’s duty to draw attention to the fate of people who are in precarious circumstances in life. People who, as a result of illness, disability or some other distressing event, have found themselves in a situation where they require our solidarity and tangible help. Because need can affect anyone – at any age.

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