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Are you struggling with windthrow damage? We have just the thing. The Pot Holder systems from HÜBNER-LEE offer optimal protection for outdoor growing and container plants. Our products not only prevent windthrow damage. They also save on working hours and ensure homogenous plant growth. When laid over the entire surface, the use of herbicides is not necessary, as weeds have no chance to grow at all. This also eliminates having to perform follow-up treatment to get rid of weeds.

Our wind protection system pays for itself within just a few years, as plants no longer need to be set back upright after storms. All wind protection products are made of recycled plastic and are reusable trays designed for many years of use. They range from classic Pot Holders to the newly developed Flexi Tray.

Multikett	& Co.
Special features
  • Maximum windthrow protection
  • Large plate format
  • 7 different models
  • Plate holder: 2.5 l to 10 litre plant containers
  • Single holder: Plant container from 12 to 40 litres
Special features
  • Windthrow protection
  • Linkable
  • Can be walked on
  • Flexible plant spacing
  • 2 different models: 3 to 5 litre plant containers

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