Pot Holders. Our classics.

For plant production and sales

HÜBNER-LEE’s classic Pot Holders are the optimal solution when it comes to maximum wind protection for potted plants and container plants. Pot Holders are available in 7 sizes.

The benefits
  • No windthrow damage
  • No groundwork necessary, no milling
  • Particularly suitable for tall plants
Environmentally friendly
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • When laid as plates, eliminates the need for herbicides and follow-up weed treatments
  • Easy storage thanks to space-saving stacking design
Pot Holder 180
Pot Holder 180
Cost savings
  • Affordable to procure
  • Less care and watering required
  • Clean pots
  • Ideal for production and presentation, as well as garden centres
Topfhalter-Platten zum Schutz gegen Windwurfschäden
Topfhalter-Platten zum Schutz gegen Windwurfschäden
Plate versions from 2.5 to 10 litres, open bottom
  • Offer the best stability
  • Ideal for production and sales areas
  • Easy to cut using a carpet knife or angle grinder (1 mm saw blade)
  • Ideal for mat irrigation and/or closed irrigation systems
  • Particularly suitable for production setups and nurseries
Einzeltopfhalter für Verkaufs- und Präsentationsflächen
Einzeltopfhalter für Verkaufs- und Präsentationsflächen
Single versions from 12 to 40 litres, closed bottom
  • Flexible arrangement
  • Particularly suitable for sales and presentation areas thanks to adjustable water storage.
  • Required water reservoir height is set by cutting the predefined spigots or piercing them with a soldering iron.

7 models for every need

For various requirements

Overview table Pot Holders

Customer reviews

Single pot holder for sales and presentation areas
Single pot holder for sales and presentation areas
Meinrad Schütz tree nursery from Reutlingen on the advantages and benefits of classic Pot Holder plates:
  • High stability of the plants (with 3 litres up to a height of approx. 1.20 m, with 5 litres up to approx. 1.50 m)
  • Cost savings by avoiding constantly falling plants:
  • No need for checks in light to medium winds --> no loss in working hours
  • No loss of quality due to plants falling over in winds
  • Easy to set plants in position, even without prior knowledge
  • No need to move remaining plants closer after sale
  • Manageable weight, single plates can easily be carried by one person
  • High load capacity of the plates, can be walked on partially
  • Space-saving storage thanks to good stackability
  • Drying of the surface by solar insolation and wind is minimised
  • (Water savings up to 10%, depending on plants grown)
  • Provides light frost protection during shorter periods of frost (early and late frosts) down to approx. –5 degrees Celsius
  • No weed growth between the pots (weeds, moss, etc.)
  • Cost savings with 3 l containers (depending on the plants grown) of up to 25% of the procurement costs per year


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