Heavy-duty plates

For construction site access roads and areas for heavy-duty traffic (up to 7.5 t).

HÜBNER-LEE heavy-duty plate
Signet Made in Europe
Signet 100% recyceltes Plastik
Signet 100% recycelbar
Manufactured entirely from recycled post-consumer cable sheathing

Strong under pressure!
As temporary or permanent ground protection

When driving over ground surfaces with heavy loads, one’s limit is quickly reached. A rainy period is enough to get stuck in the mud.

With the ground protection plate from HÜBNER-LEE, you can pave roads and surfaces simply and easily. The roadway plates can be used in a highly flexible manner thanks to the interlinks on all sides. With our road plate, you do not need any additional connecting elements. The possible applications on your premises are numerous: logistics routes, warehouse logistics, greenhouse flooring, landscaping work and events.

Choose to eliminate mud and protect the environment at the same time: the recycling of waste plastics is not something that can be taken for granted. Vast amounts of our waste still end up in incinerators. The raw material for our load-distributing plates is obtained from used PVC cable sheathing (origin: EU). Meaningful recycling instead of incineration – the path to a better future.

The benefits and technical data

Signet: interlocking on all sides

Interlocking on all sides

Fold-and-groove joints on all sides provide stability and transfer loads for stable and level surface area reinforcement.
Signet: no substructure

No substructure

Thanks to the breakage-resistant and long-lived material, no compacted substructure is required in order to create functional and employee-friendly surfaces.
Signet: weight

Easy to handle at up to 20 kg

The low weight allows the ground mats to easily be laid by hand. This makes the plates predestined for stationary and mobile applications.
Signet: quick realisation

Quick realisation

Record-breaking installation times and simplified ground preparation significantly reduce construction time. Keep your business running without long interruptions.
Signet: quiet


Rubber-like properties reduce running and rolling noises. Create a quiet environment for customers and employees.
Signet: slip-resistant


Recycled PVC material and textured surface provide a slip-resistant surface for both employees and customers to walk on safely.
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Heavy-duty plates

Heavy-duty plate
18 kg
600 x 800 mm
Product dimensions
560 x 760 mm
Effective size
43 mm
7,5 t
Vehicle load
100 %
Recycled plastic
(post-consumer PVC)

Ramps for heavy-duty plates

Ramps for heavy-duty plates
1,2 kg
400 mm
100 mm
43 mm
Plate thickness
100 %
Recycled plastic
(post-consumer PVC)

Laying instructions

Stationary on non-reinforced surface:

  • Min. 3 to 5 cm fine gravel (2 – 5 mm) as levelling and stabilisation layer
  • Level surface
  • Lay ribbon fabric
  • Observe integrated expansion joint of 5 mm
    In cold conditions: lay with ~ 5 mm spacing
    In warm conditions: lay with ~ 2 mm spacing
Lay with offset


  • Lay with offset > T-joint
  • Easy to cut to size using a circular saw (carbide blade)
  • Pay attention to expansion joints
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