TTE® ­– Ecological surface reinforcement with near-natural stormwater management

The sustainable TTE® building concept sets new standards in terms of ecological surface reinforcement. It creates 100% permeable, green, paved or gravel traffic surfaces. These protect against flooding, improve the urban climate and reduce the impact on the natural balance. A recycled product made of waste plastics, it also closes the materials cycle.
TTE® MultidrainPLUS
TTE® MultidrainPLUS

The future is GREEN –
A symbiosis between man and nature

Sealed surfaces are inexorably spreading across our landscape and upsetting the balance of nature. We are destroying soil life and the water cycle – the basis for our very lives. At the same time, climate change is leading to increasingly extreme precipitation events resulting in floods and deluges.

How can we live in harmony with nature? In a world where cities are green, the temperature is self-regulating and the air is clean. Where all the land we use is not only permeable to water, but also retains the rainwater where it falls. Where our groundwater is protected and regenerates. A world in which we live in symbiosis with nature – that is our vision.

100% post-consumer recycling
to combat the problem of waste and CO2 emissions

Post-consumer recycling is the latest buzzword. TTE® MultidrainPLUS has been manufactured entirely using waste plastic (Green Dot) from German households since 1997. We currently recycle an annual volume equivalent to around 10 million recycling bags of waste plastic for TTE®.

The current production of TTE® saves over 40,000 metric tons of CO2 per year which would be generated in incineration plants if it were not for this recycling process. At the end of their useful life, the product life cycle is closed – old TTE® elements are used to make new ones.
TTE® MultidrainPLUS
TTE® MultidrainPLUS
Icon Made in Germany
Icon Proven environmentally neutral
Icon Recycling
Icon TÜV-certified quality

TTE® MultidrainPLUS

  • Solid plastic paving with innovative connection system
  • Manufactured entirely from post-consumer recycling
  • Certified quality
  • Proven environmentally neutral
  • 26 years of experience and approx. 6 million square meters installed internationally
Saves energy and resources which would otherwise be required to manufacture new plastics. Furthermore, this prevents the plastic waste from finding its way into our environment and oceans and polluting them with microplastics.

With the TTE® system, HÜBNER-LEE contributes not only to the sustainable use of resources and waste, but also cuts down on the emission of greenhouse gases.

Material cycle from plastic waste to TTE®

Sustainable construction elements
with certified carbon footprint

Since September 2021, the TTE® system has had an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The EPD was verified by the independent Institute for Building and the Environment (IBU) and maps all environmentally relevant emissions of the product cycle. In this way, a holistic CO2 balance can be shown for buildings.

The results of the life cycle assessment show that CO2 emissions in the product cycle are many times lower than with conventional concrete paving elements.

EPD - Environmental product declaration for TTE® MultidrainPLUS (717 KB)
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The snowshoe effect –
rethinking surface reinforcement

An innovative connection system combines the base course, paving and seepage system into a single system. The pressure- and deformation-resistant TTE® soil grids are frictionally locked to each other. This allows for load distribution over the entire surface – similar to the principle of a snowshoe. This demonstrably reduces the requirements for the load-bearing capacity of the underlying ground. As a result, the required thickness of the elements and the effort required for installation are significantly reduced.
Large-area load distribution of the TTE® system according to the principle of a snowshoe
The innovative load distribution is the key feature that enables many other advantages. This sets new standards for stormwater management, vegetation technology and sustainable construction. The TTE® system and the associated sustainable construction technology have been extensively tested and certified.

Seepage of 328,000 l/s*ha –
absorbs even heavy precipitation

The principle of the TTE® construction principle is that every raindrop seeps into the ground directly where it falls. This creates permeable and unsealed areas without surface runoff, additional drainage measures or sewer connections. Depending on the system solution, an enormous seepage capacity of up to 328,000 l/s*ha and a retention capacity of more than 100 l/m² are achieved. Hence, even heavy precipitation can be discharged into the ground in an entirely decentralised manner. At the same time, this prevents flooding and preserves the natural water cycle and groundwater regeneration.

Lively soil zone and high infiltration capacity for surfaces paved with TTE®

Near-natural rainwater treatment
protects groundwater

Lively ground zone thanks to the special substrate structure of the TTE® lawn grating
For the green system solution TTE® GREEN, a special substrate design is employed that creates a living soil zone. This not only improves the properties of the vegetation, but also protects the groundwater. Each gram of soil contains billions of microorganisms whose job it is to filter, clean and ensure that the soil can “breathe”. Pollutants in the percolating rainwater are thus broken down naturally.

Ideal vegetation properties
for a vital and robust lawn

The load-bearing feature of the TTE® elements enables a special substrate design to be used. This provides an optimal supply of water and nutrients and an extended root zone. The turf is protected against direct pressure and shear forces by the robust, raised grid structure. This creates hard-wearing and resilient green spaces.

Multiple advantages of TTE® GREEN

The green city  – Sustainable urban development for better quality of life

The concept of the "sponge city" pursues the goal of creating living, urban structures for more urban greenery. These absorb rainwater and release this moisture during dry periods. This improves the urban climate – thanks to the cooling effect and the plants sequestering CO2 and trapping particulate matter. TTE® not only allows green spaces to be created, but also existing trees to be protected and integrated. Furthermore, this conserves resources and promotes biodiversity – both in and above the ground.

Multi-talent offers
design options based on a modular principle

Its highly configurable appearance – with greenery, paving stones, or filled with gravel – allow for a multitude of design options and application scenarios. The easy combination of different backfill materials in one system results in parking space markings, paths or entirely individual design creations. The complete solutions TTE® directGREEN and TTE® directPAVE are also suitable for efficient laying by machine.
TTE® filled with sand
TTE® filled with sand
TTE® as a substructure for paving
TTE® as a substructure for paving

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Ideal for greening

Plastic grid panel TTE® PAVE


100 % decentral seepage



Reinforce gravel and crushed stone surfaces

Where is TTE® used?

The TTE® construction principle covers a wide range of applications and is suitable for almost all types of loads – whether caused by cars or trucks. Be it parking spaces, fire department access roads and service roads, driveways, storage areas, event areas, footpaths and many other possible applications.
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