TTE® GREEN – For permeable, green traffic surfaces

An innovative construction principle that opens up new dimensions for vegetation technology, stormwater management and load-bearing capacity. For TTE® is more than just a turf grid.
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Optimal greening properties
When sustainability takes root

Conventional greenable paving such as turf grid plates and turf joint pavers result in an insufficient water and nutrient supply as well as a low greening ratio in real-world use. As a result, their ecological functionality and resilience are highly limited.

This greatly restricts the possible applications. The load-distributing property of TTE® plastic turf grids allows the use of a substrate layer – even under the paving (25-30 cm in total). With conventional turf grid plates or turf honeycombs, the substrate is only located in the chambers and joints. This grow-through base course made of crushed stone forms an extended root zone and ensures an exceptionally high water retention and nutrient supply. The solid fins measuring at least 15 mm project above the turf and protect it against compressive and shear forces.

This creates resilient green spaces for sustainable rainwater management and an enhanced quality of life.

Surface permeability with
near-natural rainwater treatment

In conventional permeable paving, the porosity of the soil is greatly reduced due to extreme compaction of the subsoil and base course. Furthermore, incoming pollutants are often not adequately filtered and broken down, thus entering the groundwater.

The snowshoe principle of the TTE® composite plates preserves the permeability of the soil, thus ensuring maximum water retention. The high water storage and capillary capacity of the crushed stone substrate not only supplies the turf with water. It also promotes increased evaporation that improves the urban climate. The substrate structure also forms a revitalised soil zone that protects our groundwater. Each gram of soil contains billions of microorganisms. These bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and various physical and chemical processes break down or trap pollutants.
 Flood protection and groundwater protection with TTE® GREEN through complete, decentralized and near-natural surface infiltration. Long-lasting cooling effect.
Near-natural surface permeability
  • Full, decentralised surface permeability
  • Flood prevention and groundwater regeneration
  • Long-term cooling effect from evaporation
Rainwater treatment with TTE® GREEN through CO2 binding, fine dust binding. Habitat for biodiversity and soil life.
Rainwater treatment
  • Living soil zone filters out pollutants naturally
  • CO2 sequestration and trapping of particulate matter by vegetation
  • Habitat for biodiversity and soil life
Ideal greening with TTE® GREEN through protection of the sward and special substrate structure. Optimal water supply and nutrient supply.
Ideal greening
  • Protection of the turf by solid raised fins (15 or 20 mm)
  • Substrate design ensures ideal supply of water and nutrients
  • Extended root zone
More on the load distribution features and CO2 reduction of the sustainable TTE® system learn more

TTE® directGREEN – Comes with the turf

Professional pre-greening of the TTE® MultidrainPLUS plastic turf grids over a period of at least 2 to 3 months guarantees the highest turf quality without weeds. This complete solution provides immediate greenery and readiness for use. A particular advantage is that it can be laid at any time of the year. A high-quality substrate and backfill as well as professional seeding, including care, are included in the delivery.
 TTE® directGREEN delivered ready-made
TTE® directGREEN delivered ready-made
Quick manual or mechanical installation
Quick manual or mechanical installation
Immediately green - usable immediately
Immediately green - usable immediately

Flexible combinations
with TTE® PAVE

Our TTE® paving stone was designed specifically for the TTE® plastic grid and enables a wide range of design options for combining paving and green areas. For example, parking space markings can be created very easily using the system. In the areas of the lanes exposed to wear and tear, the paving stone component increases the load-bearing capacity. Thus, greened parking spaces can be designed individually and adapted even for intensive use.

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Applications for TTE® GREEN

Rendering of the various areas of application of TTE® - from the parking lot to the fire service entrance to the residential street.
Rendering of the various areas of application of TTE® - from the parking lot to the fire service entrance to the residential street.
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