TTE® GRAVEL – For permeable and
level gravel surfaces

TTE® reinforces gravel surfaces such that they can bear loads while remaining permanently level and permeable to water. The backfill material is held securely in place even on slopes, and rainwater seeps away unhindered.
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Simple and durable stabilisation
of gravel surface courses

Unpaved gravel surfaces are permeable and natural. They are also inexpensive to install, but not to maintain. They need to be renewed regularly because of their low load-bearing capacity. The compacted yet loose material is repeatedly loosened and displaced from use as well as by precipitation. The resulting potholes, along with puddles, washed-out gutters and uneven surface are not a pleasurable experience for motorists, cyclists or pedestrians.

TTE® is ideal for gravel stabilisation thanks to its thick-walled fins and resilient connection system. Compared to many gravel grids, gravel stabilisation honeycombs and similar plastic soil grids, this ensures a high load-bearing capacity and lasting durability. TTE® composite plates distribute the load generated by vehicles over a wide area. The resulting load-bearing capacity reduces the thickness of the design, while also permanently ensuring evenness of the surface. The chambers not only reinforce the loose fill material, but also protect it against erosion. This reduces the maintenance requirements of gravel and crushed stone surfaces to a minimum.

Reinforced gravel surfaces as
near-surface infiltration trenches

In order for gravel surfaces to be usable, they must be heavily compacted to create a load-bearing surface. As a result, they lose their permeability, which is why they can often no longer absorb heavy precipitation. Combined with potholes, this results in user-unfriendly conditions and an unsightly appearance.

TTE® GRAVEL offers the possibility of using water-permeable and water-retaining fill materials thanks to its load distribution over a wide area. The solid soil grids are filled with crushed stone and gravel with a size of 8/11 mm to 11/16 mm, i.e. without fine particles. These are highly permeable, but would not create a paved surface without the reinforcing chambers. Coarse gravel mixes measuring 2/32 mm or 5/45 mm are also used for the base course. Thanks to their large pore volume, these act like an infiltration trench. In this manner, heavy precipitation can be stored in the structure and seep into the ground with a time delay. The result is permeable, resilient gravel and crushed stone surfaces for natural, decentralised stormwater management.

We offer seepage certificates at no cost for your project.

More on the load distribution features and CO2 reduction of the sustainable TTE® system is available here

optimised usability

The TTE® paving stones, which have been specially developed for the TTE® plastic grid, enable a wide range of design options and improve usability. Gravel areas can thus be marked and structured very easily. Integrate paths for improved walkability. For high loads and heavy traffic, TTE® paving stones are laid in a checkerboard pattern, and the remaining paving is then packed with fill material.
Car park reinforced with TTE® PAVE and TTE® GRAVEL.

Applications for TTE® GRAVEL

Rendering of the various areas of application of TTE® - from the parking lot to the fire service entrance to the residential street.

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