Species-appropriate outdoor cattle enclosures
Ecological, without substructure & flexible

Heavily frequented enclosure or watering areas quickly develop into unhygienic and steadily deepening mud holes as a result of the point loads from cattle hooves. Concrete – the cheapest option for paving – is dry, but the surface becomes soil-sealed and irreparably ruined. Furthermore, such hard surfaces are bad for the animals’ joints.

How can we provide cattle with animal-friendly and ecologically sustainable surface reinforcement?
The goal is to create level, dry and clean paths and watering stations that are easy on the joints.

HÜBNER-LEE’s solution to this is the TTE® system.

TTE® stands for Total, Traffic Exopave

  • Does WITHOUT a substructure thanks to the high self-supporting capacity of the elements
  • Laid directly on the ground (ON-TOP principle, no excavation necessary)
  • Separation layer and base course in a single system
  • Can be laid QUICKLY and EASILY by the customer
  • For cattle halls/corrals and paths
  • Ensures drainage thanks to ON-TOP construction principle and high joint ratio (for cattle halls, TTE® is filled with concrete)
  • Remains permanently level thanks to 4-sided connection system
  • Durable and retains its value, can be removed and reused without damage
  • Shock-absorbing => easy on the joints thanks to the flexible connection between individual elements

Separation layer & base course in a single system

TTE® MultiDrainPLUS, 40x80x6 cm, 8,7 kg
TTE® MultiDrainPLUS, 40x80x6 cm, 8,7 kg
TTE® elements are significantly more stable and heavier than other riding arena grids, paddock mats or turf honeycombs. Thanks to its high self-supporting capacity and intelligent load distribution, no base course material is required at all, and the TTE® construction principle can be used to lay the reinforcement directly on the surface.

TTE® Total Traffic Exopave

  • TTE® replaces the base course. All you require is a 0-5 cm levelling layer, the chamber filling and a covering layer if necessary.
  • Hence, with TTE®, you save significantly on costs for materials and labour.
  • Thanks to the ON-TOP principle, water can continuously seep into the ground, and the area can be used all year round.

HOW does TTE® work? (With cattle paths as an example.)
Build WITHOUT A SUBSTRUCTURE thanks to intelligent load distribution.


Intelligent, two-dimensional load distribution with TTE® using the example of a paved cattle track.
Thanks to the high self-supporting capacity and 4-sided connection principle of the TTE® elements, point loads from hooves are distributed over a wide area. Hence, TTE® replaces the base course. The ground of the riding arena or the ground covering in the enclosure is neither soil-sealed nor compacted. This eliminates the need for cost-intensive materials and construction labour (excavation, procurement and installation of base course material).

WHICH functions does the TTE® system offer?
(With cattle paths as an example.)

NO more MUD

Mud-free, hygienic surfaces with high infiltration capacity
  • No soil sealing/compaction of the ground
  • Long-term permeability
  • Features forced joints
    => mud formation is impossible

Permanently LEVEL

Intelligent bonding system for permanently even surfaces
  • 4-sided connection system => permanently level


Joint-friendly set-up directly on the natural floor
  • Installed directly on natural ground => hard on soft
  • Reduced wear on joints and underlying layer
  • Better shock absorption thanks to elastic layer => forest floor effect

Ecological & low-odour

Simplified approval procedure thanks to degradation of ammonia and faecal residues by microorganisms
  • Preserved topsoil (microorganisms) filters and breaks down pollutants
  • Low-odour, hygienic surfaces
  • Does not disturb the ground => significantly facilitates approval procedures
The TTE® construction principle stands for species-appropriate animal husbandry and is environmentally sustainable.

TTE® MultidrainPLUS 2000

TTE® MultiDrainPLUS, 40x80x6 cm, 8,7 kg
TTE® MultiDrainPLUS, 40x80x6 cm, 8,7 kg
Material 100 % recycled plastic, environmentally neutral
Item no. 1351.4080
Color Grey
Dimensions 800 x 400 x 60 mm with 32 chambers (size 80 x 80 mm)
Teeth 1,5 cm, 1m² = 3,125 teeth
Chamber percentage 72 % of total area
Wall thickness Approx. 14 mm top side, approx. 15 mm bottom side
Top side Anti-slip nubbed fins
Bottom side Wide T-support 4.2 cm
Weight approx. 8.7 kg (approx. 27 kg/m²)
Load capacity, static Approx. 147 kN (approx. 15t) per test piece (approx. 20 x 20 cm, consisting of 4 unfilled chambers, certified by TÜV Süd)
Incline/slopes Up to approx. 10 %
Per pallet 28.8m² (90 pieces)
Max. delivery quantity per truck 864 m² (30 pallets)
Pallet size LxWxH 123 x 85 x 200 cm
Experience the advantages of TTE®!
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