Reference projects

Kühne Grün erleben

Greened TTE® car park and sales areas

The Kühne Grün erleben garden centre in Dresden welcomes its customers in a more than 2,000 m2 customer car park. It was designed with TTE® GREEN and TTE® PAVING. A special detail: the rollaway protection for shopping trolleys behind each parking space. 

700m2 of TTE® was also laid in the plant exhibition area in 2021. 
Application: Parking space
Project size: > 2000 m²
Year of construction: 2021

Garten-Land Wohlhüter Gundelfingen

Green parking space built with TTE® as a calling card

The Wohlhüter family opted for the greened TTE® variant for their customer parking space measuring approx. 550 m2. Implemented in 2013, the project is not only visually impressive. The paved walking areas for shopping carts and the driving lane covered up to 50% in grass are also highly functional.
Application: Parking space
Project size: > 2.800 m2
Year of construction: 2013

Gartenbaumschule Patzlsperger (Tree Nursery)

Heavy-duty TTE® logistics routes for vehicles and visitors

Application: Route paving
Project size: 1.300 m2
Year of construction: 2011

CC trolley tracks + TTE® logistics path

Practical, mobile and heavy-duty

Application: CC trolley tracks, TTE® MultidrainPLUS
Project size: > 1.200 m² 
Year of construction: -

Gärtnerei Schlenker (Nursery) – Path paving with Multikett plates

Inexpensive, practical and short installation times

Application: Multikett ground plates
Project size: 668 lfm
Year of construction: -

flexitray – The new version since 2020

Wind protection and flexible arrangements for 3 to 5 litre containers

Product: flexitray i19, flexitray i23

Our classic pot holder plates

Maximum wind protection for 2.5 to 10 litre containersr

Single pot holders

Improved wind protection and water storage for 12 to 40 litre containers

Product: Single pot holders
Project size: 3,200 units

Bogie’s Pflanzenwelt Garden Centre

100% permeable paved parking space

Application: Parking space
Project size: > 3000 m2
Year of construction: 2011

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