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Since the establishment of our company in 1991, it has been our goal to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that are both ecologically and economically sound. Almost all products developed in our company are manufactured using recycled plastic and are Made in Germany.

In 1991, Ernst Hübner and his wife Gyung-Hyun Hübner-Lee founded the company of the same name, HÜBNER-LEE. Since then, it has personally served and inspired customers with dedication and passion. By using the latest manufacturing technologies, we have succeeded in achieving sustainable productivity for many years, which equates to the highest quality, innovative strength, fast deliveries and fair pricing for our customers.

In 2016, the landscape architect René Hübner joined the ranks of management, marking the beginning of the next generation. His focus is increasingly on the outdoor installations sector. Dirk Hübner, who specialises in plastics technology and holds a master’s degree in agricultural science, also joined the company in 2018 and is responsible for the horticultural segment. After Nicole Hübner obtains her degree in equine management, she will also be joining the horse industry as part of the second generation.
In addition to pot holder systems and products for paving driveways and walkways in horticultural settings, our focus is on the easy-to-install TTE® system (made of mixed plastic, German Green Dot); for ecological surface reinforcement.

In the animal husbandry sector, it has become an internationally recognised top-notch concept for riding arenas and animal enclosures. What makes it special is not only its ecological functionality, but also its shock-absorbing and hence joint-friendly properties.

These unique characteristics make it ideal for shock-absorbing sports facilities such as football pitches, volleyball courts or walking and jogging paths. With more than 5.5 million m2 (as of 12/01/2022) in Europe, the main area of application includes not only areas for animals and sports facilities, but also grassed and paved traffic surfaces.

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