• TTE® - the innovative load distribution concept

    • combines the covering + base course layer
    • permanently capable of seepage and flat
    • near-natural rain water treatment
    • optimal vegetation capability



  • Footpaths and bike lanes which not only have an optically natural look

    Using the TTE® load distribution system it is possible to retain the living ground zone. A sensible option for making nature accessible (more photographs).

  • Ecological paved surfaces with TTE®

    Together with TTE® paved surfaces are not only permeable but also use of a base course layer made out of a filter substrate ensures that polluted rain water is treated. Example of a public car park in France (more photographs).

  • TTE® extreme

    The TTE® system can also be used without giving it a second thought in swamp areas. Here as a green variant in Worpswede. (more photographs)

  • Residential street in Wittenberg (more photographs)

    Rapid and cost-effective implementation with this construction principle. Film contribution from MDR

Outside Facilities

TTE® - more than a turf grid
Building in Harmony with Nature

YOU are looking for...

  • a solid turf grid plate (a lawn honeycomb) - WITHOUT a base course layer
  • an economic, ecologically friendly and sustainable reinforcement for greened / paved surfaces
  • a sealing-free construction principle with full seepage and near-natural rain water treatment
  • a solution for an inhomogeneous and poor building ground
  • a base course layer stabilisation / replacement system
  • an innovative construction principle which protects  the ecosystem and integrates it in
  • a pathway / surface reinforcement system for sensitive protected areas and root protection areas
  • a simple option for creative design of outside facilities as a self-build

TTE®-MultiDrainPLUS 2000
800 x 400 x 60 mm, ca. 8.7 kg/pc. (ca. 27 kg/m²)
Web thickness: 14 / 15 mm

WHAT is TTE® ?

  • TTE® stands for Separation, Support and Dewatering
  • fully water permeable surface reinforcements made out of high load-bearing plastic elements
  • an innovative load distribution system which replaces or reduces the base course layer required
  • for greened and paved usable areas and many other useful areas

TTE® is more than just a layer (plastic turf grid) - it is a near-natural construction concept which sets new standards for ecological traffic surfaces.

  • Securing the ecosystem
    (protected resources ground, water, the climate/air)
  • highly energy and resource saving
  • only small amounts of building works required and associated costs

HOW does TTE® work?

The innovative idea of the TTE® construction element is to replace the base course layer material by an intelligent load distribution system and, in this way, to combine the covering and base course layer into one system.

The deformation and pressure resistant TTE® elements deliver high distribution of loads over an area based on their large contact surface as well as the interlocking and/or force-fitting nature of the individual elements. Changes in the load bearing capacity of the substrate are strongly reduced, whereby the base course layer material needed is reduced considerably, and in some cases can be replaced completely. At the same time the tolerable contact pressure for the ground is not exceeded through loading from vehicle traffic and also post-compacting is prevented.



The TTE® construction principle verifiably delivers the same load distribution as conventional construction principles but does this while saving on 50-100% of the base course layer needed as well as retention of the ecological functionality.



Dimensioning of the base course layer is oriented on the loading and intensity of use and is classified according to three TTE® construction principles:


WHY is installation using the TTE® system ecologically friendly?

Environmental protection is our central goal. Using the TTE® system (load carrying turf grid) you can create a near-natural reinforcement with which you can retain the ecosystem and also profit from the investment at the same time.

Soil protection

The TTE® load distribution system reduces the requirements on the load bearing capacity and compaction and thus also intervention in the protected resource, the earth. The ecologically valuable living ground zone is retained, there is protection against post-compression and the ground remains breathable.



Water balance

The low compaction of the substrate secures retention and fully decentralised seepage of rain water. According to the construction principle and permeability of the substrate also additional flowing off of surface water from traffic surfaces can be included.

Groundwater protection

Polluted precipitation waters and flows of  precipitation of surface water from traffic surfaces are pre-treated over a living ground zone. Thus TTE® protects the groundwater from pollutants and promotes new growth. With TTE® it is possible, for the first time, to now treat rain water for paved areas.

Vegetation capability

TTE® protects the substrate and the turf from shear forces and compaction. Through connection to a vegetation capable substrate without breakage of capillaries an optimal supply with water and nutrients as well as a deep rootedness is secured.



WHAT advantages does the TTE® construction principle offer?

When you decide to use the TTE® system you are deciding for

  • a long-term and sustainable solution
  • low building costs => cost and resource saving
  • economic, quick and qualitatively very high reinforcement
  • ease of obtaining building approval
  • a high potential for making savings / dispensing with rain water fees

Using TTE® just simply develop designs creatively

The TTE® element should be understood as a modular loadbearing system which means that it can be filled as required with various TTE® filling stones, turf, crushed gravel and gravel or with a  water-bound covering. Whether is about structures, designs or letterings - based on this modular principle your creativity can know no bounds.

Example layouts

WHERE is the TTE® construction principle used?


The system serves to reinforce traffic surfaces of all kinds. Our three standard TTE® construction principles refer to greened surfaces (solid "turf grid plates") and/or with TTE® paving stones ("turf grid filling brick")

Sample Applications

  • passenger car parking spaces
  • lorry and bus parking places
  • garage entrances
  • courtyard fortification
  • footpaths and bike lanes
  • entrances to fire stations and bypass roads
  • rural roads
  • warehouse spaces
  • service pathways
  • local streets
Footpaths & bike lanes - Construction principle 1
Footpaths & bike lanes - Construction principle 1
Private passenger car parking space - Construction principle 1
Private passenger car parking space - Construction principle 1
Fire bypass road - Construction principle 2
Fire bypass road - Construction principle 2
Public passenger car parking space - Construction principle 2
Public passenger car parking space - Construction principle 2
Local street - Construction principle 3
Local street - Construction principle 3
TTE® as root protection
TTE® as root protection

TTE® - the ideal solution for...

  • poor load carrying and inhomogeneous building ground
  • rainwater management and own ground dewatering
  • rain water treatment
  • sensitive protected areas (natural, landscape and water protection areas)
  • root protection areas for old trees in the area and new plantings

If you look at “Further TTE® solutions” you will find

TTE® as a base course layer stabilisation system

  • paving stone and slab coverings
  • water-bound coverings
  • ballast and gravel surfaces

... for root protection areas

  • old trees in the area
  • new plantings
  • replaces tree disks / root bridges

as a drainage system which can be driven over

  • near-natural rain water resources management
  • rain water treatment

The ideal solution for inhomogeneous and poor carrying capacity building ground and in protected areas