• Footpaths and jogging paths with the TTE® system

    Not just an natural optical appearance but also a near-natural behaviour of the surface. This is therefore easy on the joints according to the forest floor principle.

sports grounds

TTE® pathways and jogging paths

Using TTE® as a base course layer replacement one saves the costs of an extensive substructure. The surface also, at the same time, remains permanently water permeable, flat and impact dampening.

TTE®-MultiDrain PLUS 1000

TTE®-MultiDrain PLUS 1000
800 x 400 x 60 mm, ca. 8.6 kg/St. (ca. 27 kg/m²)
Web thickness: 14 / 15 mm

Special features

  • one dispenses with high building costs since the TTE® replaces the base course layer
  • active environmental (ground) protection through maintaining the living ground zone
  • the interlocking and load distribution of the TTE® elements allow overbuilding of an elastic layer
  • a very pleasant and easy on the joints walking/running experience
  • the permanent seepage capability means it can be used in any weather
  • self-build possible (for example by clubs)

A base course layer replacement

Independent of the weather

The forest floor effect

A construction cross-section of a TTE® jogging path

TTE®-jogging paths

As a forest floor or with a mineral covering layer

TTE®-jogging paths