• All weather zoo in Münster

    Renovation of the outer enclosure through simply overbuilding the existing surface

  • An elastic construction principle

    Slight play in the TTE® elements creates a pleasant and easy on the joints walking experience for the animals.

  • A feel good oasis for zoo animals

    The permanent seepage capability - it means no build-up of mud and therefore clean and easy to clean surfaces.

  • Appropriate animal husbandry

    A choice of various covering layers allows one to meet the needs of the animals. The TTE® elements mostly perform their function in an invisible manner.

equestrian sport & keeping of animals

TTE® zoo exercise area

Easy to maintain exercise area ground reinforcement without mud
- appropriate animal husbandry

TTE®-MultiDrain PLUS 3000

TTE®-MultiDrainPLUS 3000
800 x 400 x 60 mm, approx. 8.6 kg/piece (ca. 27 kg/m²)
Web thickness: 14 / 15 mm

  • TTE® is significantly more stable than paddock mats and light grids
  • the system replaces the base course layer (no excavation & compaction)
  • an ABOVE-structure and protection from compaction (through load distribution) securing seeping away of rain water by up to 100% => build-up of mud is impossible
  • low odour surfaces => decomposition of nitrate contamination by the retained top soil (microorganisms)
  • an impact dampening/easy on the joints construction principle => construction hard onto soft (natural soil)
  • residue-free removal and a high resale value (about 50% after 5 years
  • a simple approval process => no intervention in the ground - the landscape protection concept
  • simple and quick implementation - possible as a self-build
  • ideal for performing renovation work on old zoo enclosures / exercise areas

Elastic layer made out of wood chip

  • the interlocking and load distribution of the TTE® elements allow overbuilding of an elastic layer
  • the increased impact dampening leads to increased wear-reduction on the joints and system
  • the elastic layer insulates from the cold and promotes rapid thawing of ice and snow

HOW does TTE® work?
Build WITHOUT A SUBSTRUCTURE due to the load distribution

Due to the high own load-bearing capacity and the 4-sided interlocking system of the TTE® elements loading at a point from the hoof is distributed over a wider area. Therefore TTE® replaces the base course layer. The riding arena floor or the exercise area reinforcement are neither sealed nor compacted. There is no need for cost-intensive material and building works (one dispenses with excavation of the ground, procurement of base course layer material and installation).

HOW does TTE® work?

YOU CAN COMPLETELY FORGET: hard, dense surfaces, mud and uneven parts


  • no sealing/compaction of the surface
  • water permeable over the long-term
  • supported by forced mechanism joints
    => build-up of mud is impossible

permanently FLAT

  • a 4-part interlocking system and wide contact surface
    => permanently flat

easy on the joints

  • installation directly onto natural soil => hard on soft
  • reduced wear on the joints and the structure
  • increased impact dampening due to the elastic layer
    => the forest floor effect

ecological & low odour

  • the retained top soil (microorganisms) filters out and decomposes pollutants
  • low odour and hygienic surfaces
  • no intervention in the ground => makes it far easier to go through the building approval process


The TTE® construction principle provides for appropriate animal husbandry and is sustainable for the environment

Standard construction with an approx. 2-3 cm covering layer

Paddock with sand

Construction for mechanical dung removal, washing-feeding area

Paddock with TTE® paving

Our recommendation:

An elastic layer for a natural springiness of the surface

A roughly 5 cm layer of wood chip can be used as an elastic layer (bedding) according to the use.  This allows a particularly strong spring effect, for pleasant, easy on the joints and low wear movement. The elastic layer also insulates from the cold.

Simple and quick to create a TTE® zoo exercise area

1. Application of the bedding to the flat surface
1. Application of the bedding to the flat surface
2. Distributing the elastic layer made out of wood chip (optional)
2. Distributing the elastic layer made out of wood chip (optional)
3. Laying of TTE® elements on the fine network
3. Laying of TTE® elements on the fine network
4. Filling and overfilling of the TTE® elements with wood chip (according to use)
4. Filling and overfilling of the TTE® elements with wood chip (according to use)