• TTE® horse walker as a self-build

    The building concept for a walker without groove formation, simple and quick to realise. (more photographs)

  • TTE® horse walker

    The solution for easy on the joints exercising of your horses.

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TTE® horse walker

without groove formation - easy on the joints - ideal as a self-build

The floor of a horse exerciser is under a great deal of load through permanent loading always on the same “track". This must also, at the same time, allow running which is as gentle as possible on the joints. The TTE® system solves this requirement through the combination of the low wear, water permeable TTE® paving with an elastic layer below the TTE® construction elements.

  • Application of the granular subbase to the flat substrate and distributing the elastic layer
  • Lay TTE® (paddock plate) on a fine network and filling them with TTE® paving stones
  • Covering with bedding
TTE®-MultiDrain PLUS 3000

TTE®-MultiDrainPLUS 3000
800 x 400 x 60 mm, approx. 8.6 kg/piece. (ca. 27 kg/m²)
Web thickness: 14 / 15 mm

  • TTE® is significantly more stable than other riding arena plates and light grids
  • the system replaces the base course layer (no excavation & compaction)
  • load distribution protection against groove formation and compaction
  • an ON TOP construction and protection from compaction secure seeping away of rain water by up to 100% => build-up of mud is impossible
  • an impact dampening/easy on the joints construction principle => construction hard onto soft (natural soil)
  • residue-free removal and a high resale value (about 50% after 5 years)
  • a simple approval process => no intervention in the ground - the landscape protection concept
  • simple and quick implementation - possible as a self-build

Elastic layer made out of wood chip

  • the interlocking and load distribution of the TTE® elements allow overbuilding of an elastic layer
  • the increased impact dampening leads to increased wear-reduction on the joints and system
  • the elastic layer insulates from the cold and promotes rapid thawing of ice and snow

A construction cross-section of a TTE® horse walker

walker with elastic layer

An impact dampening TTE® horse walker