• TTE® as a protective layer against compaction

    Based on the load distributing function of the TTE® system the surface, even under extreme use, is protected against compaction. Thus the riding arena remains permanently water permeable and elastic.



  • A riding arena 

    TTE® offers long-term high riding comfort and the ideal conditions for easy on the joints training of your horses. (more photographs)

  • One system - various disciplines

    The suitable treading layer in combination with the water permeable TTE® construction principle offers optimal conditions for your riding sport discipline. (more photographs).

  • Riding comfort the whole year round

    Construction on top without compaction (cold insulating) directly onto the natural meadow and thus the drainage active and impact dampening behaviour make use of the area the whole year round quite possible.

equestrian sport & keeping of animals

TTE® riding arena

The riding arena without a substructure - the highest riding comfort as a self-build

  • Levelling the surface
    approx. 4 cm of bedding is recommended
  • Lay TTE® (paddock plate) on a fine network (optional thereunder a wood chip elastic layer)
  • Filling the TTE® elements and applying the treading layer
TTE®-MultiDrain PLUS 3000

800 x 400 x 60 mm, approx. 8.6 kg/piece (ca. 27 kg/m²)
Web thickness: 14 / 15 mm

  • TTE® is significantly more stable than other riding arena plates and light grids
  • the system replaces the base course layer (no excavation & compaction
  • an ON TOP construction and protection from compaction (through load distribution) securing seeping away of rain water by up to 100% => build-up of mud is impossible
  • an impact dampening/easy on the joints construction principle => construction hard onto soft (natural soil)
  • residue-free removal and a high resale value (about 50% after 5 years)
  • a simple approval process => no intervention in the ground - the landscape protection concept
  • simple and quick implementation - possible as a self-build
  • the highest riding comfort for dressage, jumping and Western arenas

Riding arena with an elastic layer made out of wood chip

  • the interlocking and load distribution of the TTE® elements allow overbuilding of an elastic layer
  • the increased impact dampening the wear-reduction on the joints and structure due to riding sports is increased
  • the elastic layer insulates from the cold and promotes rapid thawing of ice and snow on the riding arena

A construction cross-section of a TTE® riding arena

riding arena dressage / jumping

Whether as a jumping arena, dressage arena or a Western arena, only the treading layer varies according to the discipline. Riding arenas which will just be used for Reining require a modified structure.

riding arena with an elastic layer

Our recommendation:

An elastic layer for even more easy on the joints riding

A riding arena construction with elastic wood - video  >>

A roughly 10 cm layer of wood chip can be used as an elastic layer (bedding) for riding arena construction according to the use. This allows a particularly strong spring effect in the arena, for pleasant, easy on the joints and low wear riding. The elastic layer also insulates from the cold.