• TTE® lunging disc

    Through formation of a disc and an elastic layer made out of wood chip (optional), hoof beat formation during lunging is kept to a minimum.

  • TTE® is ToTally Simple (ToTal Einfach in German)

    The cost-effective option to build an impact dampening lunging circle oneself - without a substructure (more photographs).

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TTE® lunging ring

Based on the formation of a disc, reduced hoof beat formation - ideal as a self-build

  • Application of the drain gravel and modelling of a disc (optional applying the wood chip elastic layer)
  • Lay TTE® (paddock plate) on a fine network
  • Filling the chambers and applying the treading layer
TTE®-MultiDrain PLUS 3000

TTE®-MultiDrainPLUS 3000
800 x 400 x 60 mm, approx. 8.6 kg/piece (ca. 27 kg/m²)
Web thickness: 14 / 15 mm

  • TTE® is significantly more stable than other riding arena plates and light grids
  • the system replaces the base course layer (no excavation & compaction)
  • reduced hoof beat formation due to formation of a lunging disc an ON TOP construction and protection from compaction (through load distribution) securing seeping away of rain water by up to 100%
  • an impact dampening/easy on the joints construction principle => construction hard onto soft (natural soil)
  • residue-free removal and a high resale value (about 50% after 5 years)
  • a simple approval process => no intervention in the ground - the landscape protection concept
  • simple and quick implementation - possible as a self-build

Elastic layer made out of wood chip

  • the interlocking and load distribution of the TTE® elements allow overbuilding of an elastic layer
  • the increased impact dampening leads to increased wear-reduction on the joints and system
  • the elastic layer insulates from the cold and promotes rapid thawing of ice and snow

A construction cross-section of a TTE® lunging disc

lunging disc

Our recommendation:

An elastic layer for increased gentle treatment of the joints
Construction with elastic wood - video  >>

A roughly 10 cm layer of wood chip can be used as an elastic layer (bedding) according to the use.  This allows a particularly strong spring effect for pleasant, easy on the joints and low wear lunging. The elastic layer also insulates from the cold.