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    In Holzgünz close to Memmingen visitors can view our 5,500 m2 facility and various areas of application for ecological ground reinforcement using the TTE® system.

HÜBNER-LEE: 25 years of practical experience and innovation

Dear customers and business friends!

Ever since we founded our company in 1991 it has be our goal to develop innovative and sustainable solutions which inspire and convince both ecologically and economically.

All products developed by us consist of recycled plastic and are Made in Germany. In addition to pot holders systems and products for reinforcement of drive ways and pathways in horticulture, our specialism is the  TTE® system (made out of mixed plastic, the Duales System Deutschland) for ecological surface reinforcement.

This has developed in the meantime to become an internationally recognized top concept for riding arenas and animal exercise areas in the field of animal husbandry. It is not only the ecological functionality but also its impact dampening and therefore easy on the joints property, as well as the simple handling of the TTE® construction principle which are very special.
Therefore this unique construction principle also offers ideal conditions for impact dampening sports facilities such as football fields, volley ball courts or walking and jogging pathways.

Now with more than 4.000.000 m2 (situation at 31.12.2018) of such area reinforcement installed in Europe, not only the animal husbandry surfaces and the sports facilities but also, very importantly, greened and paved traffic surfaces count amongst its main areas of use.

The intelligent load distribution system allows reinforcement of surfaces, without interfering with the cycles occurring in the ecosystem. The living ground zone is integrated and many ecological long-term functions are secured. It is usually possible to achieve full decentralised seepage of surfaces.

The problem and the solution

The "skin of the earth“- the ecological system of the soil - is comparable with that of people. About 3 kg of micro-organisms live in and on our body while, in the uppermost layer the earth, there are up to 200 million micro- and macro-organisms per m². There is no life without these.

We will die if all of the pores in our skin block up and if no exchange possible of moisture and also no breathing is possible.

In the same way we are "asphyxiating“ our ecosystem through compaction and sealing. Important functions such as breathing, filtering and cleaning of the seepage water as well as creation of new groundwater fail.

Nature is being ever more destroyed through such human interventions and a putative "compensation“ must be created.

Should not environmental protection mean protecting the environment from the outset from such interventions?!

This can be realised economically and simply using TTE®.
Build in harmony with nature

The managing directors: Gyung-Hyun Hübner-Lee with her sons Dirk and René Hübner
The company founder Ernst Hübner & Gyung-Hyun Hübner-Lee